Matt England Plumbing and Heating Ltd are a Plymouth based company providing a friendly, reliable and highly professional service to customers.

Serving the South West for over 5 years, Matt England Plumbing’s engineers are fully trained and highly qualified, so you can be sure you will receive top quality service at the highest standard. We're a business who takes pride in our customer care, offering a prompt, reliable and honest service.

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Underfloor Heating
Renewable Energy
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Plumbing Installations and Repairs You Can Rely On

Whatever the job, we promise our customers high quality workmanship conducted by qualified engineers. All of the repair work performed by our specialist engineers carries a 3-month guarantee and new installations come with a 12-month guarantee.

We also offer a 24 Hour Rapid Response service – Call us any time of day or night and we promise to have a plumber on your doorstep within 2 hours of your phone call. All calls are answered by experienced, customer-orientated staff with a sound knowledge of plumbing and heating problems.

Our qualified plumbing engineers are capable of carrying out a wide variety of plumbing related work including:

In the Bathroom

Baths and Showers

New bathroom fittings

Repairing leaks

Shower pressure adjustments





In the Kitchen

Dishwashers - new dishwashers plumbed in

Garbage Disposals

Refrigerators with ice dispensers plumbed in

Repairing leaks

Sinks - repaired and fitted



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Professional Heating Installations and Repairs Conducted By Certified Gas Safe Engineers

For safe, effective and trusted Plymouth and the South West gas services and central heating installation, call Matt England Plumbing and Heating Limited - serving all domestic and commercial properties.

At Matt England Plumbing, our staff are certified gas safe engineers who are highly skilled diagnostic and service engineers for all your Southwest gas and boiler related needs. We only employ gas safe professionals to carry out our gas and boiler services, with the required industry qualifications. This means we can guarantee quality workmanship conducted by qualified engineers, you can put your trust in us knowing that your boiler services and gas installations are being carried out by genuine gas safe plumbers.

We give all new customers a 10% discount off their first job as a thank you for choosing Matt England plumbing

Our expert gas safe engineers are qualified to carry out a wide variety of gas related work including:

Boiler Repair

Boiler servicing

Boiler upgrades

Central Heating Fault Diagnostics & Repairs

Central Heating Power Flushing

Hot Water/Unvented Cylinders

Radiator Repairs & Maintenance

Boiler Breakdowns




Tanks/Pressure Vessels

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How Underfloor Heating Works

Underfloor heating works by circulating warm water through continuous loops of plastic pipework fitted under the floor, producing a gentle even heat. The surface of the floor becomes a large radiant surface, which heats the room from the floor up, with no cold spots or draughts.

Conventional radiator systems function primarily by convected heat. Radiators draw cold air in from the floor where it is then heated and convected upwards towards the roof; cold spots and draughts are common features caused by the constantly circulating air.

Underfloor heating is acknowledged as one of the most effective methods of obtaining uniform heat distribution and high comfort levels. At Matt England Plumbing Heating we can help design and install your bespoke system.

Some Benefits


There is no wall space given up to radiators allowing the freedom to furnish as you wish.


Underfloor heating offers high levels of performance and comfort; there are no cold spots or draughty floors. By the use of individual room controls performance can be further enhanced. Warm floors allow the likes of tiles to be installed and still be comfortable on the feet.

Running Costs

Typically lower running costs than a conventional system and, if combined with a Heat Pump, further efficiencies can be made.

Health & Safety

There are no hot surfaces to burn yourself on (ideal for Schools and Hospitals). A heated floor has been shown to be a hostile environment for dust mites.


The only joints in the system are at the manifold allowing one point for maintenance.

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Renewable Energy

Here at Matt England Plumbing and Heating we can provide advice and guidance on all types of fuel appliances including Solar, Biomass and ground source heat pumps. We will suggest the best combination to suit your needs and advise on how different systems can integrate together and even be added on to your existing system.

Listed below are some of the advantages associated with the different options available.

Benefits of Solar Panels

Hot water throughout the year - the system works all year round

Cut your bills - sunlight is free, so once you've paid for the initial installation your hot water costs will be reduced

Cut your carbon footprint - solar hot water is a green, renewable heating system and doesn't release any harmful carbon dioxide or other pollutants

Cost effective, save 60% - 70% on bills

Reduces carbon emissions

Adds value to your property

Ideal for homes or businesses

High efficiency

Dependable performance

Low maintenance

Years of free heating

Benefits of Ground Source Heat Pumps

Extremely energy efficient

4 or 5 times more efficient than traditional boiler system

Save up to 75% on heating costs

Maintenance free

Future proof against rising energy bills

Reduce carbon emission by up to 100%

Heat collector is hidden underground

Works with your existing system

Ideal for larger properties and commercial buildings

Benefits of Air Source Heat Pumps

Works with your existing radiators

Save up to 75% on heating costs

Future proof against rising energy bills

4 times more efficient than traditional boiler system

Reduce carbon emission by up to 60%

Biomass Explained

In energy terms, 'biomass' can be viewed as a form of stored solar energy: the sun's energy is captured and stored in the tissues of living material. This energy is released directly, e.g. by combustion (burning), or is converted into intermediate products which are then used to release the stored energy (e.g. refining, to produce liquid transport fuels or anaerobic digestion to produce 'biogas').

Biomass materials are currently used to provide heat, electrical and motive power. They already make an important contribution to the UK's renewable energy supply and the use of biomass energy has the potential to significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

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Landlord Safety Certificates

It is law that all property landlords who rent property are required to have all gas appliances and pipe work checked by a Gas safe engineer who will provide them with a CP 12 Gas Safety Certificate which is needed every 12 months.

The CP 12 certificate is a legal requirement and should be a high priority for all landlords and tenants and only competent gas safe registered engineers can carry out the inspection.

When Absolute Energy Services carry out a Landlord Gas Safety Inspection we do the following during the CP 12 Gas Safety Inspection:

For a Landlords Safety Record inspection a tightness check of the full system should be added to the below list

We will check all appliances for gas tightness, checking for leaks or any pressure loss.

Check standing and working pressure if test points available.

Test the burner pressure and gas rate against manufacturer’s data sheet.

Test for satisfactory provision of necessary ventilation.

Test flue flow to ensure removal of products of combustion.

Test satisfactory operation of all the flame failure devices.

Test for physical stability, presence.

Investigate any evidence of unsafe operation and report to a responsible person. An appliance cannot be deemed as having been checked, until the above has been completed.

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Commercial and Contract Heating & Plumbing

Matt England Plumbing & Heating can provide a full contract service tailored to the needs of any organisation with responsibility for multiple domestic heating systems - from letting agents to nursing homes and more.

From the installation, servicing and repair of domestic gas boilers to the issuing of safety certificates, we have the technical expertise and the administrative back up to deliver a thoroughly reliable and cost-effective service for your specific requirements.

We currently work with several letting agents and nursing homes, and more recently have secured a number of tender wins giving us the opportunity to work on projects for construction companies and new builds in the South West. These have ranged from major refurbishments to industrial installations and we welcome the opportunity to discuss our involvement in any future requirements from those seeking plumbing and heating sub-contractors.

We have also provided pre-build advice on ventures to enable companies to prepare full design specs through to working together to complete the contract to high standards.

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Water Chlorination & Legionella Testing

Water Testing South West – Matt England Plumbing and Heating provides a full water testing and water analysis service for commercial buildings in the South West. Regular monitoring of water quality and the risk of Legionella outbreaks can potentially save lives as well as costs.

Working with businesses, building managers and landlords in and around the South West, we provide water testing and water analysis. This service includes checking water quality, the risk of Legionella outbreaks and water chlorination testing.

Water Chlorination

Water systems and water storage tanks can harbour potentially dangerous bacteria and therefore need to be properly maintained. Water chlorination is a vital part of building management as poor water quality can result in the breakout of illness and disease.

Matt England Plumbing and Heating can carry out a full water chlorination service for commercial buildings in and around the South West and offers this as a standalone service or as part of our ongoing building maintenance programme.

To find out more about our water testing and analysis please contact us.

Legionella Testing

An outbreak of Legionnaire’s disease can be costly in terms of people’s health, negative PR and the risk of liability claims. Businesses, landlords and building managers have a duty of care to their employees, clients and visitors to ensure that the risk of an outbreak of Legionnaire’s disease is controlled.

Legionella testing serves to avoid potential outbreaks of Legionnaire’s disease, which in some cases can be fatal. Periodic Legionella testing ensures that water and air conditioning systems remain healthy and free from the bacteria, which causes this and other diseases. Regular testing will also highlight any potential risks before an outbreak occurs.

Matt England Plumbing and Heating works with Landlords and Building Managers, offering a full water testing service. Many of our clients rely on us to carry out regular Legionella testing to ensure that their ISO accreditations remain up to date and valid.

To find out more about our legionella testing and analysis please contact us.

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